Turning / CNC-Turning


In the metal-cutting technology is this one of the most important production processes for our Company. To receive the desired shape, the turned part, which is rotating around its own axis, is processed to get the splints removed. According to customer´s drawings, we produce the desired parts in different production technologies out of aluminum, steel, brass and Nirosta (stainless steel) on our Turning machines.

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Complete processing by the equipment with a counter spindle. By two mobile processing spindles, we get the possibility to produce long as well as complex short parts.


By Single-Spindle-Turning we differentiate two processing operations:

Short part Turning (bars turning):
 with 8 up to 65 mm
Length: 300 mm
Tolerance: lt7     up from 5.000 individual parts/year

Long part Turning:
 with 3 up to 32 (38) mm
Length: 600 mm
Tolerance: lt7     up from 5.000 individual parts/year

Product examples Short-Part-Turning
Product examples Long-Part-Turning


Metal processing for relatively short parts on 6 fixed main spindles. We have the possibility to finish 6 parts at once and to produce larger series.


Ø 4 - 42 mm
Length: 100 mm
Tolerance: lt8      up from 20.000 individual parts/year

Product examples


In this type of Turning the part is finished on both ends at once.


Ø by 30 – 250 mm
Length: 180 mm
Tolerance: lt7      up from 5.000 individual parts/year

Product examples
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