Grinding / Hardturning

Grinding: Another chipping process in our company for fine and finishing processing of parts. This is performed with a grinding disc.

Hardturning: This version can also be used to process materials with a hardness of 54 HRC.

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We offer CNC-Cylindrical-Grinding and Centerless-Through-Grinding and Plunge-Grinding.


According to customer´s drawings we grind out of aluminum, steel, brass and stainless steel:

up from 5.000 individual parts/year with Ø 3 – 350 mm    Length: 600 mm

Product examples


The parts can directly be processed in the hardened state. The processes soft annealing and grinding can be omitted and shorter cycle times are achieved.


According to customer´s drawing we turn out of steel:

up from 5.000 individual parts/year with Ø 8 - 200 mm     Length: 250 mm

Product example
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